Sleepless, restless

You know this feeling? It is horrible if you can’t stop thinking about something fo maybe someone. If thisparticular thing stops you from closing your eyes … or worse, if those thoughts just keep haunting you while all you want is some sleep.

Wrote this a couple of days ago when I wasn’t feeling that well. Everyone is feeling down from time to time. And that’s ok. This makes you human after all – different feelings, different moods.

Looking at this now it still is true – I have those moments every now and then. But I also just thought about being sleepless or restless in a good way. I mean, sometimes something or someone keeps you awake because you can’t stop smiling and those happy thoughts just take away your sleep because they are even better than the sweetest dream.

Or you are just restless before a journey, anxious that you miss your flight or train, especially when you need to get up early and you are afraid you overhear your alarm (happens quite regularly to me – not actually missing the plane, but being afraid of doing so)

As life is a journey itself (very philosophic – I know) I think it just is a part of ourselves to suffer from restlesness or insomnia sometimes. Doesn’t it show somehow that we are not indifferent to the stuff happening around us or people we meet? Sometimes we just need a while to capture the impressions of the day, the big one’s as well as the small stuff …

… we’ll see how long it takes me today to fall asleep 🙂

*** Good night world ***


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