Happiness in a cup … cake

Ok, another post about happiness, but a different kind. The kind you can easily make yourself at home 🙂

I recall a film where a bunch of girls are bitching about boys (what else) while eating sweets and chocolate. During this conversation one of the beauties claims that there is only one thing better then chocolate: Chocolate with more chocolate!
And that is exactly what I created today: Chocolate with chocoalte and even more chocolate. And rum. 🙂

Not that I have a particular sad reason (well, I’m trying not to let me bring down by getting a year older tomorrow) but it definitely made me veeery happy. Those cupcakes basically contain of nothing but chocalate – besides some other necessary ingredients, and maybe a little too much rum (is there such a thing?) 🙂
And I noticed again how much I like baking and being creative. It has some meditating effect on me – and I am really relaxed right now.

Sadly you can’t enjoy one of my homemade muffins with me right now – but maybe there is a chance even the picture makes you smile 🙂 Anyway, enjoy the rest of your evening doing whatever makes you happy right now!




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