About … happiness

It happens that friends tell me about their problems and fears and stuff they are not happy about. I mean, this is what friends are for. To talk about stuff that troubles you (also about wonderful things, but this is not what this post is about) And I am always happy to help out – or if I can’t just to listen and comfort them.

Still, I sometimes wonder why everyone seems to be unhappy so much at the moment. Is it winter depression? Is the moon standing in a weird ancle to the other stars? Or is it just coincidence? It makes me sad that it seems to be so hard nowadays to be happy with what we have. Of course, you can’t influence everything, but still you can choose how to handle those not so fortunate circumstances. There are always to sides of the coin, and therefore to ways to look at a situation. I truly believe that the optimistic way is the right one. Even if it seems hard, it changes the way of you perception, makes you creative and let you find the metaphoric needle in the haystack. You gained two pounds? Well, it makes your butt look nicer. You are not happy with your flat? Redecorate it! Paint the walls! Find a new one! You broke up with your boy/girlfriend? There was a reason (there always is, otherwise you wouldn’t even think about it). You spend to much money on a new handbag? Well, that is a tough one … 😀 Unfortunate things happen – make the best of it, learn from it and move on. Still, never try to ignore anything on purpose, just make yourself live with it and accept the things as they are. No one has invented a time-machine (yet) to change the past (though it would be helpful in some situations). How bad it might be – there is usually one or another way to keep up with it. Trying to change or bring back the past really is a waste of time. Because as hard as it might be to accept – there just is no way. And there are ususally also so much good things to make up for all the troubles. Like an unexpected “thank you”, a nice phone call from an old friend, you finally managed to run 10 miles without diying, you found the perfect birthday gift for someone …

I had some really bad phases myself and there is stuff that troubles me right now. But somehow I always have the feeling deep down that everything will turn out well. No matter how bad it may look at first. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger – right? And hopefully in my case will end up with a pay raise 😉

Btw – sorry for talking in cliches today. The thing is – they were created out of life lessons.

… and hopefully no one actually invents a time machine – there would be a lot more chaos out there!


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