Chaos – or: A true Love-Hate-Relationship

One thing you should probably know about the Russian WinterFairy: She loves chaos, well she can’t quite live without a little bit of mess surrounding her. There are so much more important things to take care of then cleaning up stuff.

Don’t get me wrong – I really enjoy it when everything is neatly arranged and clean and stuff. The thing is I just don’t have the talent to keep this state for long. I only feel at home when not everything is quite in place. Although some people may find it heard to believe, but I am always able to locate my mobile under piles of pillows (don’t ask me how it always gets there 😉 ) or pick my favourite hair tie out of my make-up-drawer (cause it somehow always ends up there though I can’t remember leaving it there)

This chaos-thing especially hits me when I pack for travelling. Like now. You know, there are those people who always make a list in advance and then orderly put everything in their suitcase. Very neatly. I adore those people! For real!
I mean, I have a list as well – it really does help, although I never stick to it. Because during the packing-procedure I suddenly decide to do it completely different, because suddenly I feel that I don’t actually need the red jacket but instead have to bring an extra pair of jeans, and maybe another copy book, or I am not satisfied with my joice of socks anymore. And if I do it two days in advance I will start to repack probably two times or so. For sure. And I hate this fact. Especially that I can never remember if I packed the important stuff – passport, tickets, contact lenses … – and where I put it. I will check this at least three times. Just to be sure. And because I probably forgot to cross it of my list.

You might also find a bit of this disorder in my blog. But I guess that’s just one part of me.
Yeah … it’s definitely part of the Russian WinterFairy.
So – enough sharing characteristics – the next post will hopefully contain some great Ireland memories 🙂

No pic this time … thought I had one of my classy and totally unrecognizable red suitcase with white polka dots rolling on one of those airport vehicles to the airplane at Moscow Domodedovo. But this must be lost somewhere in the chaos of my harddisk o_O

Texting soon again
XO Yekaterina


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