Travel inspiration

Before starting a new adventure, packing my stuff for a new journey I love to remember past experiences. For example when I travelled with a couple of friends through Europe – we wrote a travel journal back then and to read it now is just hilarious. I am sitting here all by myself laughing my ass of (and not because of the glass of wine I enjoy while typing)

And I love love love to watch pictures. Everytime I find something new in there, everytime they make me remember of the fun and good times I had. But not in a bad way, I am not getting sad (well maybe a little bit) but it makes me feeling grateful that I was able to not only call these experiences my own, but also was able to share them with amazing people.

Like the time I went to the White Sea – I don’t know if I will ever travel this far north again. For me it was magic, being literally lost somewhere in Russia in a place most people haven’t even heard about.  But at the same time just feeling safe, surrounded by nature and stillness. I’d like to share this picture – it always remembers me of travelling, of going somewhere uncertain to explore new things. I really shall have it made into a poster to hold my inspiration up. Everytime I look at it it makes me feel really save. And suddenly I know I can achieve everything I want … probably this is because it  was taken in Russia, a country I really adore for the fact that there is so much to discover yet. I mean, besides the stuff you always hear and see on television. It makes me scream: Hey, there is so much more about it besides Moscow and St. Petersburg, politics and Krim crisis.
I hope to go there soon again – and I shall definitely write some stuff more often to share my unique experiences.

But for now – one of my favourite travel moments of all time …


… right now this image makes me wanna pack my stuff immediately and leave for Ireland – my next destination. Actually not a bad idea as it will only be  a few more days till the plane takes off …

For more experiences to follow
XO Yekaterina


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