Listen to the rain

is something beautiful. Most people complain about it. Even I do every now and then. I do prefer the sunshine though, but rain has something cleansing about it. Something magic. It belongs to our world, to our climate. I would miss it if we were not so lucky to have it.

Now it is raining heavily outside. And if you walk down the hallway of my building you feel if you were standing in the monsun or something. Because the glass roof makes the sound of the raindrops really intense 🙂
Sitting here in my comfy chair I enjoy the sound of the rain. And it might be a little too cheesy – but even if I don’t have it on, the song “Listen to the rain” from Enya keeps on singing in my head.

Everytime I am upset and it starts raining I have the urge to go outside and take a walk. Maybe this is to calm me down, maybe it gives me the feeling the world is crying with me. No matter what – it usually calms me down. Rain is a good psychologist. It makes me feel nice and fresh and calm. And sometimes very adventorous 😀



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